Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Musical Meanderings of Mr Martin Coote and more...

Not being known for my musical prowess, I was at a loss for what to give to the ears of the YCN O2 judges when it came to my kaleidoscope video piece. Luckily a very talented friend of mine offered up his services, and I now have a FANTASTIC bit of audio to edit to, it really is the business. He also did a sterling job supporting at the launch of The Black Maria Memorial Fund and Yossarian joint EP, Counting The Moon, on Friday at the wonderful Babahogs in Falmouth. A spectacular evening was had by all attending.

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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Happy Clappy Technicoloured Kalaidascopes

We've been doing an introduction to AfterEffects and moving image, I spent yesterday up to the elbow in poster paint and began playing around with the results today, it's looking promising! It's for the YCN O2 brief, to communicate the idea "we're better connected". I've been really interested in the part that hands have to play in learning and communicating, so thats what sprouted this idea. A weekend of editing fun is ahead I predict!

Monday, 2 March 2009


We're working on some concepts for the MA Curatorial Practice students' exhibition at the Newlyn gallery just outside Penzance. The work on show is by local artists, with the theme of wastelands. This is my favourite of mine at the moment, its one of a set of 4. Not sure how it'll go down, I'm going to come up with some other applications of the contour/map idea over the next few days...