Saturday, 27 June 2009

London's Calling

The Penguin Design Award ceremony was on Wednesday up in the metropolis, it was a very nice affair. Unfortunately my A3 board had been pretty much destroyed in the post, but the 3D version looked good. But oh my the view from the balcony was worth the trip alone! 10th floor on the Strand, looking down the Thames towards the Houses of Parliament. Stunning. Back up to London tomorrow, the class are going on the road for some epic studio visits. The line up: Thomas Matthews, Browns, 300 Million, Troika, Pentagram and NB Studio.
I can't wait!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Bruno Munari

This is a gooood book

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Website version III

As well as doing a new website for my parents' new B&B venture (, I've been redesigning my online portfolio. It actually works (version II was a bit temperamental) and doesn't look too bad, more work will be up there soon - photography session desperately needed.

Three of your five a day

A bit of knitting fun from the past week...

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

More Secret History

The results are online for the Penguin Design Awards, lots of lovely designs, not too sure mine looks that good on the small screen all digitised, it looks better in the physical. Because of the complicated printing methods, Penguin have asked me to make up a 3D copy and an A3 flat version for the awards ceremony, damn it! I couldn't feel my fingertips after the first version. Boo. But looking forward to the evening, much fun.

(Click on the title of this entry to move magically to the Penguin Design Award website, I'm finally getting used to this blog thing.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Secret History not so secret

I found out that I was shortlisted for the Penguin Design Award! Although I didn't get into the last three I am still very pleased. Prize giving ceremony is in London later this month, so I'll be up for that then the week after we're going on a field trip to various studios in the city. One place we're all excited about is Greyworld, as Andrew Shoburn came down to visit us at the beginning of the year and definitely made an impression. What a character! He got a standing ovation and whistling from the BA kids, now that doesn't happen that often in the lecture theatre.

Kaleidoscopic Hands for all to see!

So I've finally let the piece of moving image from earlier in the term into the wilderness of the www and here he is. I'm mulling over another moving image piece, but the plot isn't there yet. Lets just say it involves custard.

kaleidoscopic hands from hblikethepencil on Vimeo.