Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Prisms of Process

For the final project of semester one I made this installation to represent the process involved in the development of each project. I realised that the most important discovery I had made on my MA was the process of process. It is not just a linear path, there are junctions and experiences which throw up new ideas and avenues at multiple points in a project, meaning it is impossible to predict where a project may end (or not).

I thought that prisms would be an effective metaphor for this, with the prisms representing external influences that throw up more options, from which I have to pick a path. I used wool to make the light (referencing my own personal interest in knitting and craft based materials), and used the same material to construct a large spiderweb sprawling along the back wall. Using the same material is meant to represent the fact that I then use these paths to 'capture' ideas. In the installation there is also a wastepaper bin full of scrunched up tin foil, rather than paper. This shows that all research and ideas are valid, even if they're crap. You have to get them out your system, and may potentially help uncover a better idea. On the back wall behind this all there is a small piece of card with the beginnings of a manifesto for my working method, which reads:

Don't try and predict where an idea may take you
External influences lead to new perspectives
All research is valuable
Nice paper is essential
Make something
Who is it for?

For a piece that was conceived and produced in two days, I'm pleased with the outcome. It has led to potential new routes to follow in the rest of the year, which is pretty exciting. More to follow I hope...

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