Thursday, 2 April 2009

FTSE Scarf

As part of my investigation into the role and perception of craft in today's society, I have been knitting a scarf based on the daily results of the FTSE100 stock market. I wanted to make something that depicts a form of data that is normally viewed in a digital context, constantly being updated and viewed by people all around the world, in a format that is associated with very traditionalist methods of making. Simply, it is a knitted bar graph of the FTSE results of the last three months that can be worn round the neck, or displayed flat to make it more readable. This aspect, the way in which it is read and how much information can be gathered, is an area I would like to explore more into. It has been chosen to go to Milan Furniture Show as part of the UCF MA Design stand, which is great. I get to go to Italy! I'm not sure on the stand design, so don't know how it is going to be displayed, all I know is that it will be next to a collaborative piece I am doing with Sarah Hunt, a student on MA Contemporary Craft. See next post for more on this piece, it is hopefully the beginning of an exciting collaborative partnership!

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