Thursday, 2 April 2009

Ghost of a Teacup

Fellow knit enthusiast and member of the MA Design cohort Sarah Hunt and I have been collaborating on a piece for the Milan Furniture Show. We've been having study sessions fuelled by tea for a while now as we bounce ideas around nicely and are interested in the same things, namely the relationship of craft and technology. This project started with Sarah coming to me wanting some decorative forms for a box for a set of teacups she had designed, but over the course of the weekend we decided to use acrylic inlay to make silhouettes of saucers and spoons for the teacups. Because it is all being designed on the computer using 3D Studio Max, we can import vectors from Illustrator without too many problems, and will be making the main body of the box out of ash wood using a CNC miller, and the inlays with the laser cutter. This is a test Sarah made on tuesday with some foam, pictures of the final piece to follow shortly, as soon as we can get the machines to behave! It has been a great experience, I've enjoyed working with someone from another discipline, expecially as we can understand each other and are on a similar wavelength, and the potential for more work together and the alternative mediums is very attractive.

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